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Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2

"Righteous stuff"
Joel McIver, Classic Rock's The Blues magazine

"Played a sublime set...certainly revved the crowd up"
Russell Hill, Maverick Magazine

"One rock-solid tune after another... strongly recommended"
Marty Gunther, Blues Blast Magazine

"Impressive guitar"
Trevor Hodgett, R2 Magazine

"This is sunshine music"

"Made In Mississippi is a belter of an album. Mark Cole and Rick Edwards, do not just "play" the Blues, they "feel" it too. This gives them the edge over many of their contemporaries.....they could easily find themselves being lauded as Britain's Jelly Roll Kings."
Gordon Baxter Blues in Britain magazine

"Raw, righteous,..the real Delta deal."
Leslie Fleury (Radio DJ, Blues Odyssey on KSER)

"You guys are the real deal!"
Will Dawson (sound engineer at Delta Recording Studio, Clarksdale, Mississippi)

"I really liked those Elmore James numbers - you got 'that tone' just right"
Kent DuChaine

"You guys have really got a good little unit there... I thought that was pretty darn good - you don't have to take a back seat to anybody"
Sonny 'Sunshine' Payne (legendary presenter of King Biscuit Time on Radio KFFA, Helena, Arkansas)

"They give you the spirit and essence that is required and deliver with belief...their playing is indeed atmospheric and complimentary and will get you tapping your feet at the appropriate times...more please guys!"
Blues Matters Magazine

"They are exceptional"
John Roberts (Bullfrog Blues Club promoter)

Mark Cole (vocals, Harp and Slide) and Rick Edwards (Guitar and Vocals), two Englishmen who made the pligrimage to Clarksdale, Mississpi, careful! Not the dumb thing, or tourist style like musuem, supermarket and Mickey Juke of the corner, a postal card, a Bud and let's go... (Do not laugh, I almost do that!) No! These ones arrive with their suitcase full with Pinetop Perkins and his keyboard, Sam carr and his drum, take some guys for the rythm section who are not comic but in the sturdy style. With Jeff «Drummerboy» Hayes on drums and Eric «Bassfingers» Lanier they record nearly live... Hum, in fact, no, really live takes, in Mister Jimbo Mathus' home. Isn't it serious? Yes, it is, a least, it's so powerful, so fresh, so enjoyable to listen this sequence of pearls. Taken by the idea of traditional in acoustic duet, of electric Juke with a lot of guests (Terry «Big T» Williams, Stan Street, etc.), of jumping street Corner, and a huge part of Chicago, our accomplices have a great time without forgetting to share with us, letting us with a staggering shiver, and the lips damp by pleasure.

These guys don't play Blues, they feel it, they breathe it, they simply live it and proove that to us, during 11 compositions, shared between Cole and Edwards, without forgetting Pappy Pinetop, who's still in good shape and proove it to us by singing and playing piano on his own composition "One More Time". Nothing to throw away, voices are perfect, riffs and solos ruin your slippers, Rythm section gives you wriggling joy... No, don't see what could mess up? The real Blues is not dead yet in England, better like that... Not a pretentious CD but a great piece of faithfulness.

Tonton Erick

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