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Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2

"Righteous stuff"
Joel McIver, Classic Rock's The Blues magazine

"Played a sublime set...certainly revved the crowd up"
Russell Hill, Maverick Magazine

"One rock-solid tune after another... strongly recommended"
Marty Gunther, Blues Blast Magazine

"Impressive guitar"
Trevor Hodgett, R2 Magazine

"This is sunshine music"

"Made In Mississippi is a belter of an album. Mark Cole and Rick Edwards, do not just "play" the Blues, they "feel" it too. This gives them the edge over many of their contemporaries.....they could easily find themselves being lauded as Britain's Jelly Roll Kings."
Gordon Baxter Blues in Britain magazine

"Raw, righteous,..the real Delta deal."
Leslie Fleury (Radio DJ, Blues Odyssey on KSER)

"You guys are the real deal!"
Will Dawson (sound engineer at Delta Recording Studio, Clarksdale, Mississippi)

"I really liked those Elmore James numbers - you got 'that tone' just right"
Kent DuChaine

"You guys have really got a good little unit there... I thought that was pretty darn good - you don't have to take a back seat to anybody"
Sonny 'Sunshine' Payne (legendary presenter of King Biscuit Time on Radio KFFA, Helena, Arkansas)

"They give you the spirit and essence that is required and deliver with belief...their playing is indeed atmospheric and complimentary and will get you tapping your feet at the appropriate times...more please guys!"
Blues Matters Magazine

"They are exceptional"
John Roberts (Bullfrog Blues Club promoter)

This is an album that has 13 tracks that are all little nuggets of gold and collectively deliver a wealth of earthy authentic blues music with intriguing and beguiling twists of a variety of roots styles so interest is maintained. This is sunshine music, the opening self-penned number makes you smile as guitar vocals and blues-harp combine to blend and shape the sound that pleases in all the right spots. The two covers on the album have been re-invented Curtis Mayfield’s ‘People Get Ready’ with an opening sequence that draws you in so you are full of anticipation as the silky voice of Mark sings out the lyrics “People get ready there is a train coming…” we instantly recognise – this is a track that takes you on a musical journey with the wonderful gospel style backing vocals and rhythm section that respects the tone and gently leads the beat on. The other cover is Bukka White’s ‘When Can I Change My Clothes’; with a glorious vibe from guitar and slide guitar you are taken deep down into the south and Mark’s voice has a timbre that so suits the lyrics.

The other eleven tracks are all composed by Mark Cole, this is an album that has utilised the freedom of the studio with some inspired guest appearances with electric guitar courtesy of Mike Myers on Downhome Blues giving the track a driving pace and a twang electric this is a get up and dance track with its feet tapping beat. Mike is joined by Jake Carpenter (piano) on ‘Too Little Too Late’ this is squealing blues redolent of Howlin Wolf as the intro guitar moans and sends shiver down the spine again the vocals are to the fore and the music is mellow. On many of the other tracks there is the use of keys from Bill Blair subtly on Thirtynineteen, demonstrates the skills on the harp from Mark Cole combined with drumming that resonates deep in your blues lexicon reminding you of the long shadows of the Delta. Scared of Running has keys weaved into the harmonious blending of sounds that flows along creating the perfect musical tone and backdrop for the vocals which once again are definitely front and centre stage.

This is an accomplished album produced with a light touch so that the music is accentuated, while retaining authenticity of blues played from the heart with passion, Tasty Nuggets is certainly tasty and delivers a platter of tones, textures and grooves so you want to listen from beginning to end and back again on repeat.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD, out of SEVEN doodle paws, a doodle rating of TEN  10/7

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